Technology cover


At Ciptadana, we are reshaping our client offering by capturing the opportunities of the digital era and significantly improving our operational efficiency using digital solutions.

How technology changes the way people consume financial services is affecting every aspect of our business landscape – the size of the market, growth potential, profit generation capability, a new way of thinking of everything we do with data.  We believe our clients expect most of their asset management relationship to be conducted through digital channels in a few years’ time.

At Ciptadana, we aspire to succeed in taking advantage of a digitalized business model that will save substantial resources by increasing efficiency and enabling our business to focus on serving our clients better.

Our in-house developed technology solutions enable us to manage, advise and protect client investment wisely and in a timely manner.  Our proprietary risk management tools that were developed over many years by our internal team, provides real monitoring of every aspect of our clients’ financial portfolio with Ciptadana.

With our technology platform, we enable and empower our clients to process an overload of data, and invite them to engage with us when it comes to complex decisions.