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Ciptadana 25th Anniversary

Long-term vision continues to shape the future.

Vision is a much used word. Many claim it, some even apply it, but very few have used it as successfully as Ciptadana.

This October, Ciptadana celebrates its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter of a century helping people build their businesses, protect their assets, and increase their wealth.

Founded by Irene and Catherine Hambali, Ciptadana has become one of the best-capitalized securities firms in Indonesia, and prides itself on its ability to help its clients meet all their financial needs, delivering the highest levels of financial services, all under one roof.

The company follows a very powerful set of guiding principles …  dedication, integrity and professionalism … and backs them with financial strength and expertise, access to capital, the application of innovative technology, strong risk management, and a high level of corporate governance.

They are also very proud of the calibre of their people … skilled professionals with the experience and skills to find and identify the right opportunities, advise the right course, and help make the right decisions.  

“Ciptadana started from humble beginnings as a small family company,” explains co-founder Catherine Hambali. “My sister Irene was a great source of inspiration, and Ciptadana would not be a success today without her example. Today we are one of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia.”

Ciptadana, through its key subsidiaries, provides awide-ranging, innovative, personalized range of financial services and products, covering securities brokerage, assetmanagement, investment banking and multi-finance.

But it is their unique approach … complementing the skills and experience of their people, and the application of the most advanced technology, with a very acute and penetrating vision … that has been the cornerstone for their success.

“We never just take things for granted but always look beyond the easy and obvious to find the cutting-edge solutions that best meet our clients’ long term needs, no matter how complex and demanding.”

Looking ahead, Catherine Hambali is very positive …

“In 2016, we look ahead to a developing economy, a steadily growing middle class, and ever more opportunities for investment and long term financial growth.We have been helping people achieve that for more than a quarter of a century and would like to thank our loyal clients and business partners for their patronage and support.”

For Ciptadana the vision is clear … 25 years building long-term wealth is really only the beginning.