Asset Management

Asset Management

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Friday, 24 March 2017 17:03

Cipta Syariah Balance


The Cipta Syariah Balance Fund is aimed at investors who wish for optimal growth through active investment in a variety of securities registered on the Sharia Securities List, as well as debt securities and money market & cash instruments consistent with Sharia principles of Islam.

The management of the Cipta Syariah Balance is under the supervision of the Sharia Supervisory Board of PT Ciptadana Asset Management approved by DSN-MUI.

Investment Objective

To provide optimal long-term growth rate by investment in securities consistent with Sharia principles, registered at the Indonesian Stock Exchange, as well as debt securities issued by either the Indonesian government or companies classified as investment-graded sharia, as well as money market instruments.

Investment Policy *

Security Types Minimum % Maximum%
Equity Securities 5% 75%
Debt Securities 5% 75%  
Money Market Securities 5% 75%


Information on Investment and Fees *

Minimum Initial Amount
Minimum Top Up Amount Subscription Fee
Redemption Fee

IDR 100,000.-

IDR 100,000.-

Max. 2%
<6months  >6months



* For detailed information, please refer to the prospectus


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