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Asset Management

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Monday, 27 February 2017 06:47

Cipta Balance


An optimal combination of stocks and bonds to deliver a competitive investment yield, the Balance fund is the solution for investors who want an investment strategy that combines high-risk aggressive investment, with minimal-risk conservative investment, yet provides an adequate and stable rate of return. This type of mutual fund is aimed at investors with a medium-risk profile.

Investment Objective

To provide an optimal long-term growth rate through diversification of investment in equity securities, debt securities and money market securities.

Investment Policy *

Security Types Minimum % Maximum%
Equity Securities 5% 75%
Debt Securities 5% 75%  
Money Market Securities 5% 75%


Information on Investment and Fees *

Minimum Initial Amount
Minimum Top Up Amount Subscription Fee
Redemption Fee

IDR 100,000.-

IDR 100,000.-

Max. 2%
<6months  >6months


* For detailed information, please refer to the prospectus

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