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Asset Management

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Term Definition
Annual and Semi-Annual Report

For each fund, the fund management company publishes an annual report within four months of the close of the financial year and a semi-annual report within two months of the end of the period to which it refers. The annual report contains information on the accounting records, the inflow and outflow of funds, the statement of assets, etc. The semi-annual report contains the most important semi-annual results.

Laporan Tahunan dan Laporan Pertengahan Tahun

Setiap Perusahan Pengelola Dana mengeluarkan laporan tahunan untuk masing-masing reksadana, 4 bulan menjelang penutupan tahun finansial dan laporan pertengahan tahun, dua bulan menjelang akhir periode yang ditentukan. Laporan Tahunan ni menyajikan informasi keuangan, arus keluar dan masuknya dana, daftar kepemilikan dlsb. Laporan Pertengahan Tahun mencakup hasi-hasil terpenting yang dicapai selama 6 bulan terakhir.

Annual charge

The annual fee is charged to the fund to pay for the management and administration of the fund. It is calculated every day and is therefore reflected in the net asset value of the fund.

Biaya Tahunan

Biaya Tahunan dibebankan pada reksa dana untuk membayar biaya manajemen dan administrasi reksa dana. Biaya ini dihitung setiap hari dan sudah termasuk dalam nilai aktiva bersih.


An annualised return provides a geometric average annual return over a given period. For example, if a fund has produced a return of 75% over 5 years this means that on average the fund would have produced an annualised return of 11.8% each year.

Asset Allocation

The proportion of investments or assets in various countries, geographic areas, industry sectors, or type of securities.

Asset Allocation

Strategi yang layak digunakan pengelola reksadana untuk mendiversifikasi dana yang ada ke dalam berbagai macam investasi di manca negara untuk mengurangi resiko investasi.


The holdings of a fund which may include equities, bonds or cash.

Average Maturity

A statistic relating to bond funds which provides the weighted-average maturity of all the bonds within a fund. The maturity of a bond is the time at which the principal of a bond is repayable and it ceases to exist.