Asset Management

Asset Management

Key People

Paula Rianty Komarudin

Paula Rianty Komarudin manages the activities in Sales, Marketing and Operation Department.

She has an MBA in Financial Trading & Practice from Saint Xavier University, Chicago Illinois.

Her prior experience: Head of National Account & Head of Fixed Income for PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia; and ABN AMRO.

Ms. Paula has over 15 years well experienced in Capital Market and Financial Industry.

Irvin Patmadiwiria

Irvin Patmadiwiria manages the activities in Investment Department.

He has a Master of Management in Finance and Investment from Bina Nusantara University - Jakarta.

Previously he was President Director with Lautandhana Investment Management; and a Director for Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen.

Mr. Irvin has over 19 years experience in Capital Market, especially in Investment Management.